S. Jay Bose



Photo of S. Jay Bose

S. Jay Bose is a passionate historian and novelist who loves to bring real historical stories to life in fascinating new ways. As the author of his debut novel, Arms Wide Asunder, Jay aims to explore the rich history of India and the rise of the British Empire with gripping historical authenticity and larger-than-life characters. He draws from his lived experiences and family lore to offer readers an engaging new way to connect with his Indian heritage.

Prior to following his dreams of writing, Jay spent over 20 years in Law, including serving as a partner at an international law firm in Washington D.C. and London. He wrote several articles for The Virginia Lawyer and the Administrative Law Review, and he was also featured in 2004 as the cover story of The American Lawyer magazine in its annual issue. 

Jay was born in Mumbai, India, and he spent much of his adult life in the US. He currently resides in the south of France. When not writing, you can find him traveling, cooking, horseback riding, and passing the time in a good café. Jay was an avid reader from a young age, and he always enjoys a good historical fiction novel or underdog story.